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What customers are saying

"This is the best makeup I have ever used, without exception! No one has“noticed” that I have changed my makeup but so many people at work have complimented at how great I look, how fresh and glowing my complexion is. It's truly remarkable that simple switch in makeup has elicited such lovely comments! And it looks so natural that my husband didn't even think I was wearing make-up! Thank you so much!"
- Rachel B.


Catch our most recent product reviews at the carefreebeauty blog.

Our "how toxic" blog was created to help raise awareness of how toxic make-up and skin care products can be and to encourage people to get in the habit of looking up their products ingredients.

Featured Articles

- "Cosmetics Safety: What's in Your Makeup Bag?" about Afterglow and cosmetic safety in WebMD...... The same article is also available on Oprah here.

- And another great article on WebMD featuring Afterglow about the birth of mineral makeup, "The Lowdown on Mineral Makeup"

--the carefreebeauty team

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