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I finally found the miracle make-up! As a hair dresser of 11 years, I have been exposed to the latest in professional make-up and have never been impressed with anything. My long search ended when I decided to order samples from Afterglow Cosmetics. I feel blessed to have come across this wonderful product. I will never buy conventional make-up that contains poisonous ingredients again. Afterglow Cosmetics is the answer to my prayers. Thank you. – Natalie D.

This is the best makeup I have ever used, without exception! No one has“noticed” that I have changed my makeup but so many people at work have complimented at how great I look, how fresh and glowing my complexion is. It's truly remarkable that simple switch in makeup has elicited such lovely comments! And it looks so natural that my husband didn't even think I was wearing make-up! Thank you so much! - Rachel B.

I have tried many cosmetic products from Sheer Cover to Bare Minerals, and I finally found the one for me - AFTERGLOW! Thank you.....
- Denise R.

I love Afterglow Cosmetics. Your products give me a natural glow and make my pores appear smaller. My sister was down from North Carolina and she commented about my skin. She wanted to know if I had Botox injections because her words - “you look younger than me” - and she is three years younger than me! You can imagine how good her comments made me feel. Also she took some my multi-tasking foundation. Thank you for such a wonderful product. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!
– Martica H.

I read about Afterglow products in an article in Alternative Medicine Magazine. Because I was fed up with the use of chemicals by many companies in the cosmetics industry, I decided to give Afterglow a try. I threw away all of my old makeup, and decided to make a fresh start. I was thrilled when I received my order. What was more exciting, however, was the compliments that I received from so many people such as: “Your skin looks great.” I also love the way the products feel on my skin. The foundation feels so light, almost as if I don't have on any makeup. In addition, the eye shadow colors are beautiful and really bring out the color of my eyes. Even though I love the quality of the products, what I like more, however, is that I am not harming my body with dangerous chemicals found in the majority of cosmetics. I would like to thank Afterglow for putting the safety of women as a priority. As such, I plan to continue buying Afterglow products from now on.– Ashley H.

Thank you so much for finding a way to create excellent quality cosmetics that are good for my skin! Your cosmetic line is fantastic! My sister, Christina was the one who introduced me to your products. I couldn't wait to order my own colors and was thrilled when I saw the results. Your colors are amazing and so natural! Keep up the great work. –Karen R.

I love Afterglow Cosmetics. - Marnetta P.

I began using Afterglow Cosmetics after a life-changing decision to 'go organic' in diet, cosmetics and hair care. I am thrilled with this make-up. It goes on so light and leaves me with a satin glow that I have never had with any other make-up. It gives me a natural tan look...not fake or rubbed on. I have no more shiny oil spots and it doesn't irritate my skin like some make-up does. It looks 'fresh' all day, but is easy to remove at night. I will never use ordinary cosmetics again! – Jill W

Great Product! I love this makeup! I've used a lot of other products, this is the first to actually make my skin look and feel good. Thank You! – Brianna C.

I was skeptical if Afterglow would work for me. Boy was I wrong! The very first day I used afterglow I was lecturing my son, age 11, about being nice to his y
ounger sister. I noticed he was looking at my face... not at me, if you know what I mean. Then he said 'Mom you look pretty'. Now how can I rage on after that? I have to agree with my son. I do look pretty and am so glad I went out on a limb to try something new. Keep up the great work and fab product that makes all us mommies pretty! – Janelle H.

I just recently received my Afterglow products in the mail. I must say I am quite impressed with the quality of the products. Certainly a little goes a long way. I do have quality brushes and have been using loose powder foundation for a very long time. However, with your product, application is different. You do not need to use the amount of foundation you would typically use with other loose powder products. I really find your cosmetics superb. – Shannon S.

I love this site! It's amazing that I have settled so long for very expensive, department store makeup. After using your products I am kicking myself for not ordering earlier! I am really astonished at the fact that the application of the foundation, blush and glow is flawless. No need to blend or “touch up”. It looks so good and natural. I was expecting it to do what every other foundation does at my age- sink into my laugh lines by mid-morning. It didn't it stayed put and looked great all day. Quite amazing! Thank you so much for this makeup! -Melissa D.

I recently have switched to Afterglow and so far I love it. Three years ago my now 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and then less than a year later scleroderma. Since then I have been searching and learning! Learning to use less chemicals in our environment, safer products in our home in a variety of areas such as safer cleaning products for our home, our bodies, choosing to buy less processed foods, and have recently considered cosmetics, too. Thank you for making a safe more
natural product. - Tammy H.

I am a professional cosmetologist who has tried countless name brand cosmetics. After finding out about the harmful ingredients in virtually all the makeup I have ever used, I decided to switch to healthier products. After several years and several wasted dollars, I was about ready to give up. By chance I saw an article in ‘Alternative Medicine' magazine about dangerous additives in cosmetics. Afterglow Cosmetics was listed as a viable resource. The website was well designed and user friendly. I also greatly appreciated the opportunity to purchase samples because I did not want to invest more money in products I might not be pleased with. However, when the sample set arrived, I was thrilled to have finally found healthy cosmetics that also looked great and were easy to use. I have had more compliments telling me how nice my makeup looks than ever before. I plan to be a life-long customer! Thanks for your dedication regarding healthy cosmetics! - Beth Ann S.

I am a Cancer Survivor and am very interested in using only ALL NATURAL products because of the chemicals that are in most of them. I read about Afterglow in 'Alternative Medicine' magazine. I could not find any cosmetics that were totally natural, even though some companies said they had the approval of the Cancer Society, until I read about yours. I ordered the foundation and love the coverage and the natural look of my skin after I applied it. I am going to replace all my other cosmetics with ALL & ONLY your products. We can never be too aware & careful of what we put on our body. Thank you so much! - Ina P.