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Hollywood Goes Healthy and Natural

Afterglow Organic Makeup is one of Hollywood's best kept secrets. Why? Celebrities have to wear makeup everyday and are concerned with the products that are used on their skin. This is why many makeup artists have switched to products like organic lipsticks. It is said that the average woman ingests up to four pounds of lipstick or gloss in a lifetime. With that in mind, don't you want yours to be made with organic ingredients?

Actress Lindsay Price of "90210", and "Lipstick Jungle" fame chose Afterglow for her new upcoming film "Lonely Street" whom she co-stars with actor Jay Mohr. The makeup artist comments below at the shoot.

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Translucent Setting Powder over Smitten Blush were used on Lindsay in this shot by makeup artist Judie Tallman, “Minerals are great because they "melt" into the skin when worn and give a natural matte look without the powder buildup.”

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About Lipstick Jungle:

Based on the best-selling novel by Candace Bushnell, author of Sex and the City, Lipstick Jungle is the sassy, sexy and inspirational new series about three high-powered women who support each other through the triumphs and tears of big-city life.

About Lonely Street:

A notoriously gullible detective becomes the number one suspect in the murder of a tabloid reporter after accepting the task of protecting a once-famous celebrity who faked his death to escape the public eye in director Peter Ettinger's quirky adaptation of Steve Brewer's popular series of novels. The grandson of the only known fatality brought on by the 1939 radio broadcast of War of the Worlds, Bubba Mabry (Jay Mohr) comes from a lone line of painfully gullible descendents - and he's determined not to live down to the family reputation. Operating from the seedy confines of a criminal-infested Route 66 Motor Inn, Bubba finds that few of Albuquerque's skeptical locals are willing to enlist the aid of a detective of such credulous origins. When a man named J.G. (Mike Star) shows up covered in gold jewelry and approaches Bubba about protecting a recently-arrived celebrity from an overzealous fan, the struggling detective sees his latest mission is an easy way to make a quick buck. Upon discovering that his latest client is none other than the Elvis Presley, and that the "fan" is actually a tabloid reporter looking to break the story that The King is still around, however, the once-simple case begins to grow increasingly complex. As if things weren't strange enough already, the body of the reporter has been discovered dead in a motel room and Elvis and J.G. have skipped town, leaving Bubba the prime suspect in the strange murder. Now, in order to crack the case and stay out of prison, Bubba is going to have to stay one-step ahead of tireless female reporters Felicia Quattlebaum (Lindsay Price) and Bambi Gamble (Nikki Cox) as he seeks out a suspicious local concert promoter and get to the source of a lucrative blackmail scheme aimed at blowing the lid off of The King's long-running ruse. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

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